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Stalking and QLD Law


Section 359B of the Criminal Code Qld defines Unlawful Stalking as conduct:-

  • intentionally directed at a person (the stalked person); and
  • engaged in on any 1 occasion if the conduct is protracted or on more than 1 occasion; and
  • consisting of 1 or more acts of the following, or a similar, type—
    • following, loitering near, watching or approaching a person;
    • contacting a person in any way, including, for example, by telephone, mail, fax, email or through the use of any technology;
    • loitering near, watching, approaching or entering a place where a person lives, works or visits;
    • leaving offensive material where it will be found by, given to or brought to the attention of, a person;
    • giving offensive material to a person, directly or indirectly;
    • an intimidating, harassing or threatening act against a person, whether or not involving violence or a threat of violence;
    • an act of violence, or a threat of violence, against, or against property of, anyone, including the defendant; and
  • that—
    • would cause the stalked person apprehension or fear, reasonably arising in all the circumstances, of violence to, or against property of, the stalked person or another person; or
    • causes detriment, reasonably arising in all the circumstances, to the stalked person or another person.

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