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Removal of Licence Disqualification


If you have been disqualified by a court from holding or obtaining a Queensland driver licence absolutely or for a period of more than 2 years, you may apply to the court at the end of the 2 years to have the disqualification removed. Once the disqualfication is removed you can get your licence back.

If your application is not successful you can not apply to the court to get your licence back for another year. Alternatively, the court may grant your application, but have the removal of your licence disqualification start at a later date.

Factors the court may take into consideration when determining your application include your character, whether you have any criminal offences since your last disqualification date, mitigating circumstances of the offence, volunteer work and how the disqualification of your licence has had an impact on personal and professional life, for instance, relationships with friends, spouses and family members. The impact the loss of your licence has had on your ability to enjoy recreational activities should also be discussed.

We suggest you contact a lawyer before the expiration of two years so that you can have your application ready to go.

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